0 means: 0% of waste as well 0% of gender and 0% of vulgarity

100 means: we promote a brand that ais to be 100% sustainable in factual terms. This means being 100% factual, 100% clean, 100% inclusive. 

Zerobarracento is a gender-neutral outerwear emerging brand engaged in promoting sustainability. Our statement is made using lines which are clean, essential and Italian.

CLEAN: We are using materials coming from certified suppliers and a production chain that is circular and not linear (as well as our shapes).

ESSENTIAL: a look that has no need for needless accessories. Designing outwears means also thinking about the life-cycle of a product. This is why we decided to have no wastes (we have included also the selvedges as an aesthetic plus) and no accessories (no buttons, no zippers, no hooks and eyes), just a few seams. 

ITALIAN: we are proudly designed and made in a sustainable Italy. We have used only top-class materials coming from a sustainable production chain developing a full traceability for our products.  

The patterns: are developed based on a zero-waste technique that eliminates textile waste at the design stage, an approach that contributes to reduce the use of natural resources. Usually, around 15% of textiles go wasted in the production process of fashion clothes.



Founder & Zero-waste designer

Camilla Carrara (b. 1991), completed her BA in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2014, and her MA Sustainability in Fashion at Esmod Berlin in 2015. After different experiences within the textile and fashion sectors, always with focus on sustainability, she decided to create Zerobarracento. Prizes: TheOne Seasonless Award by Mittelmoda 2019, Createx Project 2019, Mad Mood Ethical Fashion Prize 2017, semi finalist of the Eco Chic Design Award 2016, Creative Conscience Award 2016, Recycling Design Preis 2015.

Legal and Communication manager

Alice Carrara (b. 1986), is the legal & communication manager of Zerobarracento, a role created ad hoc to embody her abilities: graduated in law, during her studies she was able to approach the fashion law and having the opportunity to learn more about it in the field is exciting for her. Always passionate about theater and creative writing, communication is her main focus and she constantly experiments with new promotional, and digital communication channels.